Comet ISON is visible naked-eye!

This morning (05:00 UTC), I spotted ISON with my 10x50 binoculars and estimated it's brightness to be around 6mag, probably even brighter. I'm pretty sure about this, since the comet was clearly as bright as nearby star HD109704 (5.9mag) and brighter than HD111199 (6.3mag). My observation was also quickly confirmed by an independent observer at Hannover observatory.

I did not see ISON naked-eye, however - partly because my observing place is pretty light polluted, partly because of some clouds hindering the observations. But a first report from Spain seems to confirm my estimation: Comet C/2012 S1 ISON is now a naked-eye object - it increased brightness from 8mag to 6mag in just two days!

This raw image I took this morning shows the bright, greenish coma. The tail does not to have brighten up, at least not in my quick assessment.

Edit: this is the processed image (16x60sec stacked). Not the very best one, I had to shoot between clouds and twilight:

This is getting exciting!

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