Occultation of Saturn, July 7/8

A rare occultation of Saturn by the waxing gibbous moon occurred last night (July 7/8 2014) over the southern parts of South America. I was lucky enough to observe this event under clear skies in La Serena, Chile, with a 12" dobsonian. Although I enjoyed most of it just by watching though the eyepiece, I managed to take some pictures, some of them just by holding a small snapshot camera to the eyepiece. Here they are:

About 75 minutes before the occultation. Saturne is the small spot to the right. (200mm telephoto lens)

Minutes before immersion at the dark lunar limb. This photo was taken with a simple Canon Powershot A1200 camera, held directly to the eyepiece.
After emersion at the bright lunar limb. Again taken with the Powershot.

Unexpected bonus: A 22° moon-halo, shortly before occultation (8mm fisheye lens)

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