Short Partial Lunar Eclipse from Chile

Almost exactly one year after the great April 15, 2014 lunar eclipse, the Moon entered Earth's shadow again last night, for what was to be one of the shortest total lunar eclipses possible. Unfortunately, from Chile the event was only partially visible, so unlike 2014 I did not see any red 'bloodmoon', but only a slightly obscured one setting at dawn.

My original plan was to hike to a place where I could see it set before some snow-covered mountains of Campo de Hielo Norte, but due to tiredness (which was in fact laziness, I have to admit), I stayed close to my home and simply watched from here. A beautiful sight it was - which made me regret a little not having made the hike...

Soon after 07:15 Chilean Time, the Moon entered the Umbra of Earth's shadow.         

But before the total eclipse commenced, the Moon set.
Nevertheless - an amazing sight!

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