A Map of Astrotourism in Chile

Chile is rapidly evolving to become the world's center of observational astronomy. With some of the best international observatories already taking advantage of its exceptional clear (and dark) skies, and with future giant telescopes to be operational within the next decade, the South American country will muster 70% of the world's ground based observational infrastructure in the 2020s.


Full moon and three planets

The full moon passed planet Saturn in Scorpius last night, and luckily I had clear skies right at moonrise, so I managed to image the conjunction from South America. Both celestial bodies easily  fit into a 200mm lens field-of-view (they could have been captured even with a 420mm scope a few hours earlier from Europe). To deal with the brightness contrast, I combined a long exposure (1/2s, f/8, ISO 100) with a short one (1/80s).